Engineered Biopolymers

Engineered polysaccharides: a technological platform for a wide set of applications 

Biopolife is currently focusing on the certified production and applications of a particular Chitosan derivative. 

DSC 3014.jpg


The materials developed by Biopolife are particularly indicated for this sector. For instance, the engineered polysaccharide (reported in the picture and quoted in the scientific literature as Chitlac) was proved to be particularly suited for applications in the field of tissue engineering, cells encapsulation, and for antimicrobial purposes. 


The engineered biopolymers produced by Biopolife are indicated for the development of cosmetics formulations like moisturizing lotions or anti-age materials.

FOOD Sector

Engineered polysaccharides are becoming increasingly appealing for the development of systems to increase the shelf life of fresh food (e.g. edible films for vegetables and fruits).

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