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At your side during your R&D activities

Biopolife provides several characterization and analysis services for companies and research institutions active in the biotechnological, biomedical, food and materials sectors. 

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Biological testing in vitro

Cytotoxicity and proliferation tests: cytotoxicity evaluation and influence on proliferation of chemical, pharmaceutical compounds, or extracts of biomaterials (test inspired by DIN ISO 10993-12 and DIN EN 1186-1). These tests can be performed following different types of essays (eg. MTS, Alamar Blue, Neutral Red, and LDH release assays) and both on cell lines and cells obtained from primary cultures.

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Molecular biology tests: Flow cytometric analysis of apoptosis and cell necrosis (Annexin V and PI staining), cell cycle (PI staining flow cytometric analysis of inhibition), analysis of cellular phases, fluorescence microscopy.

Antibacterial efficacy tests: bactericidal activity of soluble compounds - minimum inhibitory concentration; minimum bactericidal concentration; efficacy of antimicrobial surfaces, biofilm formation bactericide; biofilm inhibitory concentration.

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Chemical and physical characterizations

Viscometry, rheological tests, NMR characterization, FTIR analysis.

Analysis of material properties

Mechanical tests (compression / tensile), surface hardness, surface roughness (profilometry), wettability (contact angle).

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