An innovative start-up focus on R&D and production of green biopolymers

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Biopolife is an Italian SME funded in 2015 as a spin-off of the BioMat group of the  University of Trieste. The company is specialised in the development and production of green biopolymers for applications in the biomedical cosmetics and food sectors. 

Placed in one of the most active areas in Italy in terms of scientific research and innovation, Biopolife laboratories are hosted by the University of Trieste, with very strong connections to the whole Adriatic area. 

Biopolife activities are currently focused on a particular polysaccharide derived from Chitosan, a natural polymer obtained from shellfish. Biopolife researchers have described the properties and applications of this biopolymer in more than 20 publications in International journals and 4 patents. 

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